Hello there! I'm Kass.

I am a teacher-photographer here in Edmonton, and self-proclaimed comedian. I'm kinda hilarious (at least thats what my mom tells all of her friends).

I spend my days teaching Junior High Science, and my nights running around after tiny humans + couples, snapping my camera at them. I am most passionate about chicken nuggets, summer nights and reading if I ever find the time.

Most of the time, you can catch me editing sessions, planning for tomorrow's Science class, curled up with a good book or binge-watching a repeat episode of Grey's Anatomy (because I've seen the entire series 5 times. Haven't we all?). I LOVE to travel, and explore new places.

I've been shooting for almost 5 years total, though I took a break during my days in University. I rediscovered my passion for photography last year, and decided to dive in head first. I am so glad I did - and I am so glad you are here. Let's create something magical together!

captured by kass

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